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For the benefit of all Malaysia Aikidokas, Hombu Dojo has given permission for their letter concerning the status of Academy Aikido Jyuku as the official national organization recognized by Hombu to be published in our website.

Updated 27th May, 2006

Aikikai Foundation's letter to Malaysia Aikikai.

At the IAF gathering (September, 2004) the editor of KL YMCA Aikido Club Magazine in Malaysia distributed copies featuring ULF (7TH Dan Iwama Shihan; 6th Dan Aikikai).

Regarding this matter, Hombu Dojo instructed Shihan Yamada to warn the editor and reprimand him, which
Shihan Yamada did.

Unfortunately, these actions did little to evoke the appropriate response from the editor.  This prompted Shihan Yamada, who had graded the editor to the 3rd Dan, to stand down from his role as technical advisor to the KL YMCA Aikido Club.   This was done in order to accept responsibility for the matter.

The editor then approached Mr. Horii to grade him together with those from the KL YMCA Aikido Club seeking upgrading at Dan level.  This was carried out by Mr. Horii during his visit to Kuala Lumpur from the 19th to 25th June, 2005.

From an e-mail from Mr. Etsuji Horii dated 25th June 2005 it was learnt that Mr. Horii made the editor promise to write an apology letter to Doshu.
Mr.Horii was asked to inform the editor that if the editor do not apologize to Hombu regarding the above said article on ULF, then Mr. Horii will be unable to upgrade the editor.

Thus, some eight months later after the warning and reprimand was given a formal apology was sent by the editor to Hombu Dojo but without any extension of the same to Shihan Yamada.